The Immediate Reaction To Paul Ryan

by gradycarter

It will be interesting to see what the undecided people in these poles decide, but I do think by election time we won’t be talking about Paul Ryan all that much. However, if Democrats decide to never stop talking about the Ryan Budget I might be wrong.



His numbers are likely to fall and go back up as he is vetted by the public, but he will still likely be much more popular than Sarah Palin considering the seriousness of his involvement in the federal government so far.


But as the left is getting upset about Ryan’s budget and it’s possible effects on Medicare the right has some qualms of it’s own with his record… Here is a list of some concerning history to a lot of conservatives:


I have gone back and forth over whether or not I thought this was a good pick, but as of right now I think that it is a great pick politically (even though people won’t like what they hear about Ryan’s approach to Medicare). And while I still almost surely won’t vote for his ticket, am excited to see what he’ll bring to the debate.