President Ryan? – Paul Ryan Full Speech at Vice Presidential Announcement

by gradycarter

Paul Ryan full speech at vice presidential announcement.


While I don’t plan to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket I think that this was a pretty good ticket. I think that there were plenty of people who were looking to Rob Portman, Tim Pawlenty, and Chris Christie (I don’t think that Rubio was a real possibility), but Ryan was the only one who seemed to have several big selling points rapped into one. He is relatively young, semi-exciting, a policy wonk (even if his budget was widely contentious), in a state that Republicans are hoping to make a real swing state, and he knows a lot about the inter workings of Washington. I will say that this pick gets me excited fot the Vice-Presidential debate. And now when I hear Republicans bragging about their ticket I won’t have to think that they’re completely full of it (ie: Sarah Palin). And while I do think that President Obama’s comment about businesses not being built by the people who did build them is both being taken out of context and an incredible gaffe, I think that Ryan did a great job of building a case against the silliness of the comment in this speech, and my guess is that we will hear about that more than anything else for the rest of this campaign.

Ryan might not be my guy, but I respect him as an intelligent and skilled elected official. And to all of my friends who say that they don’t want to pay attention until the tickets are locked up, well it’s time… And you have a lot of catching up to do.