Rubio on Meet the Press (repost)

by gradycarter

Rubio on Immigration – Meet The Press

*REPOST: this is a repost because this post was deleted on accident, but I thought it was worth saving through google cache shots.

Rubio on Immigration – YouTube.

Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) seems like a politician who we are likely to be seeing for a long time to come. I mean this evaluation in purely political terms, but as the Republican party seems to be filled with a lot of older white people it is going to struggle more and more to keep getting candidates elected as the demographics of this nation is rapidly shifting. Being Hispanic (Cuban) it will likely give him a chance to compete in a state like Florida for a long time.

Side Bar: One thing that I’ve discovered that a lot of people don’t seem to know is that Cuban American’s are often known to be conservative due to fleeing from Communism and Fidel Castro. This makes a lot of Cuban American’s more likely to be conservative even on an issue like immigration.

In this interview I thought that Senator Rubio was very well spoken, but I was disappointed in him (I’m not really sure why, there were no big surprises) for being so unwilling to give the President any credit. Of course this is because any cooperation with President Obama by a Republican now seems to be completely forbidden. I know that sounds hyper-political, but it really isn’t. A prime example would be The Affordable Care Act (aka: ObamaCare), as it was designed by the Heritage Foundation and the Republican leaders in congress in the mid 1990′s by the virtue of pursuing a healthcare mandate.

In this interview I wish that we would’ve heard Rubio just say something about how the President made the right move on immigration last week (Which was also politicized), and then said that he thinks that more needs to be done. Instead what he said was that President Obama didn’t do the right thing, because we need more (like E-Verify) which:

  • Doesn’t mean that what the President did was wrong
  • Would be the first time that any president has ever done anything like this, and shouldn’t be treated as a failure to act
  • And sounds exactly like more political jargon that I really, really get upset about – talking like that divides and confuses the conversation away from actual useful information. And this type of approach has become pandemic among elected Republicans when talking about the President (meaning their President)…

I really just wish one person with some political clout in the Republican party would come out and say that not only is the President not a bad guy/socialist/muslim (meaning that’s about as far as the “moderate Republicans will go), but he actually has used a lot of our ideas – and he is a Really big time war president… I’m not going to hold my breath, but until I hear a Republican holding national office recognize that our President has deported more illegal immigrants in his first term than any other president in the history of this nation (1,000,000ish) then I will just not be convinced that this political coup d’etat of dishonesty against our President doesn’t create instability in our democracy (aka: when they lie about the President’s record they are undermining the people’s vetting/discerning process for casting their vote)… But let’s face it, Republican’s in general don’t like the government and would love to see it proved obsolete, so why not just make it more confusing and difficult?… In the words of P.J. O’Rourke, who is a conservative (and this is often quoted by many political satirists):

“The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then get elected and prove it.”
P.J. O’ROURKE – Holidays In Hell

Ok, I am quick to rant when I think about things like this, so I’ll stop now as this was supposed to be a post about an up-and-comer, and immigration. As you watch this interview I would like to challenge you to think about just how toxic saying anything complimentary about the President seems to be for Republicans in congress, even when pressed by David Gregory about how he (Rubio) and the the President seem to have some agreements.

If you’d like to see the second half of the interview it’s right here. I just wanted to make the main portion of this post about immigration, as he is becoming such a big figure in the political conversation due to this issue and his ethnicity.

P.S. David Gregory is probably my favorite person in the media… I love him.