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Wow, this is pretty cool.

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KANSAS CITY: Google made its foray into the market for bundled internet and television services on Thursday, promising access speeds more than 100 times faster than those of traditional US cable and telecommunications companies.

The web search leader unveiled its ultra-high speed Google Fiber service in Kansas City, Missouri, and could start installations in September, executives said. Google hopes to roll out the service to other cities later.

Here is a look at 10 ten things you would want to know about Google Fiber:

1) Google Fiber’s ultra high-speed connections and television offerings are aimed at surpassing those of current providers, allowing users to search live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand programming. However, no phone service is available.

2) Google said it also intends to roll out product packages for businesses, but would not provide details.

3) Google Fiber includes more than 100 networks and…

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