Why Rick Doesn’t Get Civil Rights

by gradycarter

I respect him for sticking up so much for what he believes in, that can be very hard, but I think that what he is sticking up for is wrong. I actually think that the simplest way to explain the reason why gay marriage should be ok is that gay people are aloud to live together with kids, this is called a family. Families look different these days for various reasons, but there are loving people who want to offer a good life for the children that they raise, and not allowing them to be married is like telling them that the legal system does not consider them to be a family (well, not a real family), and that’s oppressive and abusive.

I’m not gay, but it’s become clear to me that staying silent when I see people being treated like second class citizens is not an option for me. I choose to not let it be an option.

One thing that Santorum said that is probably true is that open homosexuality might change a few things in the military, liberals have to recognize that there are a lot of men who have never experienced the feeling of being a sexual target, and I think that this is a big deal to a lot of them. One thing does seem apparent to me, and that’s that we live among gay people. Change is a slow and painful process sometimes, but I think that discrimination against gay and lesbian couples will only get smaller as people around the country start realizing that some of the good people that they know are gay, and they like them just fine…

I want to say that I disagree with Santorum, and think that he really hurts a lot of people with his comments, but I respect that he really does fight for what he believes in even when it’s uncomfortable, unlike many people/politicians. But he just doesn’t seem to see that what he’s saying is uncivil, and reflects uncivil policy. Civil Rights shouldn’t be defined simply as the main people/group who will be discriminated against, but all people who live under the laws of this nation.

If this is a topic that you’d like to hear further discussed you should check out the documentary “Tying The Knot”, and it’s usually on Netflix.