“Mitt” R-Money 2012

by gradycarter



Update: I was sent a link to the website “Snopes” which says that this is photoshopped, just a heads up. Click here for Page

Ok, with a title like this you would imagine that I hate Governor Romney for having money, but I don’t. I hadn’t even noticed that his name contained the word money but now that he pointed it out on accident (possibly in a Freudian moment of excitement, but not really) I can’t help but laugh a little bit.

What’s not being clearly defined about Romney being a rich man is that people don’t seem to hate him for that, or really hate him at all, but people seem to be concerned that a man who has never been in their economic situation might not understand their needs – and therefore might not be able to best represent them in terms of being a policy wonk. An example of someone who is actually wealthier than Romney who doesn’t get exactly the same press (although he didn’t skate clean) is John Kerry. The Kennedys would be another great example of people of privilege who could be compared with Kerry, and the reason for this is that the parties and their ideologies are not equal and opposite – Democrats constantly say that they are for the common and poor man, and Republicans don’t. How true this claim by the Democrats is can be debated, but in political terms at least they are saying it.

To be completely honest I think that Mitt Romney seems like a very interesting guy, and I think he’s given a bad wrap about his personality, but the question of whether or not he can represent the people is a fair one. And this is not just because he’s rich, it’s not, but when you don’t understand the importance for a small business that the Payroll Tax Cut not expire you might let it expire. Or is he aware of the importance of student loan interest rates not rising? I don’t know. How could anyone not get behind the Lilly Leadbetter Fair Pay Act? He should have.

After having seen clips of him running to be a United Stated Senator against Ted Kennedy and Governor of Massachusetts and he tried to paint himself as an extreme moderate, and now that he is trying to completely undo that in this current election, my biggest fear is that he does know the importance of these things and that he doesn’t care, but for now I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just doesn’t understand yet…