What We Wish We Had, What We Think We Have, What We Have

by gradycarter

Let’s talk about it… Occupy Wall Street has been a very controversial movement, with very little civic organization. These graphs show something of what a large number of people can identify with, but due to the often aggressive rhetoric from Occupy members (which is totally acceptable on the right in my opinion) many people are completely afraid of hearing what they are trying to say… It all comes down to fairness in the end, and there is not a simple answer. BUT, it seems to me that talking about wealth disparity is not given the same seat at the table where people are talking about economic fairness. I do realize that these charts could be inaccurate, and if that’s the case please tell me if you know something that I don’t know.

(Hold on, the point of this post is below. Don’t worry my conservative friends, I’m not just trying to whine)

But assuming that this is somewhat accurate what I see when I look at this is that:

  1. until the middle bar looks like the top bar our news media is failing us
  2. and until the top bar transforms into the bottom bar our economy is somewhat failing in terms of our expectations

I don’t think that #2 will ever really be a feasible goal, but #1 should be the standard by which the news functions. When people don’t have relatively accurate understanding of what is and what isn’t the news is simply failing…

What We Think We Should Have


What We Think We Have


What We Have