Prone to Drone

by gradycarter

How do you feel about Drones?

I am of 2 minds:

1. We are terrorizing the terrorists, and if the goal is to be beat terrorism I’d say we’re winning.
2. Are drones legal? I mean what does allowing this to happen mean for our nation and the world at large?

Lately I’ve been more and more afraid of what allowing drones to be used as they have might lead to. As Bill Maher so lovingly refers to them, these Flying Killer Robots change the game yet again. Our grandparents used to fight moreso face to face, and now we have remote control terminator machines. I love not having our troops in harms way, but still I’m weary of what’s happening.

I even heard recently on a few different news stations that Obama has demanded to be the decider on which terror suspects we target and which ones we don’t… One thing is for sure, you is not weak on military action…

This chart below was used by Ezra Klein on The Rachel Maddow Show while talking about police stations using drones to monitor people, and if that is where we’re headed I think it’s fair to be at least a little nervous.