Standup: Chappelle Show Comes to Little Rock

by gradycarter


Last night I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood fantasy of mine. As a fan of comedy, especially standup comedy, seeing David Chapelle live and uncut has been a dream of mine for a long time.

As most people who are my age know Dave had a moment of personal crisis a few years ago. At the top of his career he walked away from tens of millions of dollars… He took a lot of criticism for walking away, but it seems that his supporters were more worried and angry.

He interacted with last nights crowd at the Robinson Center in Little Rock maybe more than any comedian I’ve ever seen live. Albeit, he was heckeled more than any comedian I’ve ever seen. Mostly there were just people asking for him to do specific jokes, but he played along and made it very funny when one person would scream for attention.

The bizarre art of standup is a very puzzling art indeed. I say art because there is no right answer, and there are different philosophies involved. Some people measure success/ability according to complexity of jokes, while others just measure by the volume of laughter. Watching Dave in person was surreal for me, because he has always seemed to plow his own way, and he wasn’t afraid to have a silent crowd for periods of time last night, which to some might seem like poor comedy, but to me it screams out the idea of just being present, which in a way is the beauty of standup – standup comedy makes you look at yourself.

If you are interested in standup comedy I recommend watching a few different films about it that I’ve loved: I Am Comic, and Heckler. There are a lot of other great movies about comedy, and comedy specials that I would like to recommend, but for now I would just say start with those. If you would like other suggestions feel free to contact me.

Ok, I’m done, but don’t forget to laugh today, it’s good for you.