Rattner’s Charts: Change In Median Net Worth 2007-2010

by gradycarter

When looking at economic growth/loss on a national scale it is (from what I understand) difficult to have an accurate measure until about 2 years after the time of the thing that’s being measured.

Steve Rattner has a lot of great charts, and I can’t help but post a few of them, but I think that this chart gets at the heart of why so many are frustrated with the way that things currently work. Being upset about a certain level of economic disparity doesn’t necessarily have to be from being jealous or greedy. When the economy goes down and everyone looses except for a very few it really can be troubling.

Of course there are many factors at play in an overall economy, such as how certain races seem to have lost more in this recession according to chart #3 (mostly due to the housing markets of areas with certain demographics), but time and time again it seems that even when we are losing collectively there are some who just can’t seem to lose.

It reminds me if a scene in the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider is playing cards with Frankenstein ( the little boy) and the following conversation occurs:

Frankenstein: I Win!

Sandler: What’s this game called anyway?

Frankenstein: I Win!!