Rattner’s Charts: Breaking Down Job Growth

by gradycarter

If you don’t know about Steve Rattner (the Car Czar during the auto bailout – and even though I’m not always a fan of bailouts I think he served the country admirably by being the Car Czar) and you care about politics I recommend googling/youtubing him. He is a moderate democrat, who has worked as a financier and in the treasury department. As people like to point out that statistics can be easily distorted and fallacious Steve continually has very interesting information to share.

Today on Morning Joe, Steve shared a few charts that compare job loss/growth by three different measures:

1. Jobs (private and public) from points in time during Obama’s Presidency
2. Job growth/loss under the last 4 Presidents
3. Job growth/loss by industry under President Obama

I am still not sure what to think about President Obama as a leader of the world economy (especially the American economy) but I do recognize 2 important factors for myself when examining him: the economy is improving and more jobs are being created, but it is happening slower than other times in the past. But lastly, what happened to all of the conservatives who 5 or 6 years ago were saying that the economy is not something that can significantly be impacted by a President? I heard that a lot a few years ago, and those conservatives seem to have disappeared… I’m not saying it was all conservatives, but it was something that I heard quite often. I just point that out to say that I don’t appreciate double standards.

Ok, enough, here are the charts.