Likeability vs Productivity

by gradycarter

Now that Santorum is out of the race it’s time to really start talking about the actual inevitable race that we’ve been waiting for – Obama vs Romney.

Why do people vote for who they vote for? It really is a tricky question, because even now (and over the past year) in the Republican nomination process happening across the country there are millions of conservatives who are choosing to vote for former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney because they think that he’s the most likely candidate to win the election, not because they actually like him.

I personally like a lot of things about Gov. Romney, but I am disappointed in many of his antics.

The question facing American voters in November is whether they are going to get very detailed in examining these candidates, or if they’ll vote from the gut. My opinion is that they’ll probably vote from the gut, they did it with George W. Bush in 2004, and most other elections over the last 60 years. If they do that it looks like President Obama would win again this year. While it is likely that I’ll vote for President Obama again, this is more an analysis of what is likely – it’s not an endorsement.

The conversation and charts on Morning Joe today might help explain.

The likeability of a candidate, and the favorable/unfavorable ratings say a lot more than a lot of people might realize.