Football and Socialism – By Bill Maher

by gradycarter

Ok, so I know that this will completely rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I believe it’s worth sharing. Sometimes it’s ok to be uncomfortable, or to hear someone say something that you disagree with. I have grown to love listening to people who I don’t agree with more than people who I agree with because I think I’m actually growing! (And If you’re already bored of me just skip to the video).

I don’t consider myself to be a socialist (I was an Economics major who thinks that people are flawed, no system is perfect), but the unbelievable FEAR or socialism in our country has just hit such a flagrantly ignorant level that I have to say something… Go ask your grandparents what they think of Social Security, and Medicare – and remember that they are “socialistic” programs by nature… I’m not saying that they are unflawed systems, but let’s at least have a fact based, and historically based discussion. I would Love to talk about this with anyone who is confused with why I would ever say such things (meaning, feel free to comment and discuss). The point that he is trying to make here, that I think Many people would sympathize and empathize with these days is that sometimes some people are over rewarded and some people are under-rewarded, this doesn’t mean that I think they should be paid the same amount. I just think that it’s fair to say that societies and cultures where people legitimately have a chance to be a part of the group have by far the best chance at moving forward as a whole. I’m not saying I have answers as for how we should go about this, but just that it’s ok speak out if you see something like this as poorly functioning at the present.

The one thing about Bill that really seems like a major blind spot to me is his impatience for religion all together (as he does make a snark at faith in the video) but I’ve learned to look past it, because I think that there is still a lot to learn from someone like Mr. Maher outside of this one topic that we see differently. I have heard him say that he thinks there is possibly something more (a higher power) but you would never know it from his comments about religion… I will stop trying to justify my interest, but I do think that Bill Maher would be a great person for a lot of people I know to listen to on many topics, as he is honest about how he feels to say the least. Ok, I’m done.