The Void

by gradycarter



The above picture is a statistical chart of how many people have viewed my blog over the past 11 months. Last year I took a lot of time to write and research for my blog, and then my store got busier in the summer and it seems like I just forgot what I was doing. Well, I plan to start blogging again, because one thing I’ve really noticed in the time where I’ve stopped researching and writing, and sometimes posting those things, is that my brain becomes stagnant. Even if I look at the same information it changes everything for me to write it down, talk about it, or defend my thoughts. I love debates – and if to you that sounds like I’m admitting to being overly competitive I’m more than ready defy that assumption, and tell you that it’s possible to debate and explore ideas without being controlled by your ego, or your pride.

For those of you observing Ash Wednesday today I challenge you to ask why you are making changes, and if you would be willing to explain those changes to others (it can be friends) and if these changes are actually the ones you should be focusing on.

I have had an ever evolving faith in God over the last few years, and one thing I will say that has become very clear to me is that if I never here my self proclaim the things that I value, or proclaim the things that I believe, that faith and that value melts away.

I shared the picture of my blogs view stats over the last 11 months because it really does symbolize my lack of effort to be bold. I am more than just ok with someone disagreeing with me, sometimes I love it because I feel that challenge within myself to think start stirring again, and that awakened feeling is something that I would wish for any and all human beings.

Seeing the bar graph on my blog has helped me awaken to the void in my life of having some challenging debates and conversations, and I’m ready to move forward and do better. Not everything needs to be debated, and it is wonderful to have community around you where there are assumed facts, but that group does not give you license to be right about whatever it is that you agree upon, they are there for sharpen your self as tool and to find solace in this mad world. I hope that you can fill the voids in your own life, but first make sure your looking for them. It’s totally worth it 🙂