Obama vs. Romney vs Gingrich on Taxes

by gradycarter

I started this post a little while back when Gingrich had just surged in the polls and won South Carolina. It doesn’t include Santorum, but I still felt like it was worth posting.

This is a breakdown of how Obama, Romney, and Gingrich have talked about taxes and how their proposals would affect the national debt.

This might not be the most accurate breakdown ever, partially due to different philosophies of taxation and stimulus by tax cuts (which in my opinion is sometimes just a short term fix). But these charts basically indicate how much more Gingrich would potentially run up the debt with decreases in revenue (which we need to pay bills we already owe). I guess I’m just saying that I’m happy to see Newt’s time pass.

But on the flip side, I’m not sure that I’d prefer Santorum more, but that is a discussion for another post.