by gradycarter

I am not an artist in the conventional way of making art, but I love to explore the artist within me, and reading something beautiful like this from from an artist is fun. It’s especially fun when the artist is my dear friend who I’ve had the chance to watch grow. Thank you Lindsey.

Lindsey Allgood

Reading Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space: The Classic Look at How We Experience Intimate Spaces. He discusses our sensory perception of spaces typically associated with dwelling, retreat, protection, and being enveloped–nests, attics, shells, cellars, corners. How does the physical experience of being inside and outside of these places correlate with the emotions and memories we attach to them?

My favorite chapter so far is on nests. He tells of the devastation he feels when he finds an empty bird nest in his garden. He missed the action of its inhabitants–why had he not been there for the egg-hatching, the mother feeding her babies? The sadness he felt for having been absent from these familial occurrences intrigued him.

An abandoned nest is not only empty of warm breathing bodies, but at the time of its abandonment, it becomes vulnerable to our haunting it. I may come to an empty nest…

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