Major Historical Events in World History

by gradycarter

Historical Events | Famous & Major Historical Events in World History.

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Major events in World History. Both Ancient history and World history are included.

Code Of Hammurabi

Belief Of Akhenaten

Founding Of Rome

Dawn Of The Scientific Method

Teachings of buddha

Lao-tze Founds Taoism

Battles Of Salamis And Plataea

Hippocratic Method

Thought of Plato and Aristotle

Conscience Of King Asoka

Battle Of Zama

Julius Caesar Gains Power in Rome

Battle of Actium

Teaching Of Jesus

Vision of St Paul

Constantine The Great Adopts Christianity

Destruction Of The Roman Empire

Founding Of Islam

Coronation Of Charlemagne The Great

Otto the Great Refounds the Holy Roman Empire

Battle Of Hastings

Council Of Clermont

Introduction Of The Jury System

Magna Carta

Model Parliament

Invention Of Gunpowder

Black Death

Joan Of Arc’s Victories And Martyrdom

Johannes Gutenberg’s Movable Type

Sacking Of Constantinople

Columbus Discovers The New World

Sea-Route To India

Cortes Conquers Mexico

Copernicus’s Theory

Martin Luther Inaugurates The Reformation

Founding Of The East India Company

Voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers

Discovery Of The Blood’s Circulation

Science Of Newton

Peace Of Westphalia

Execution Of Charles I

Louis XIV Rules As Absolute Monarch

Habeas Corpus Act

William III becomes King

Battle Of Blenheim

George I, The King Who Spoke No English

Jethro Tull’s “Horse-Hoeing Husbandry”

Fall Of Quebec

Spinning Jenny

Captain Cook Rediscovers Australia And New Zealand

James Watt’s Steam Engine

The Wealth of Nations

War of Independence

Manifesto of Miss Wollstonecraft

French Revolution


Battle Of Waterloo

Vision of Robert Owen

Stockton And Darlington Railway

Faraday Discovers Electricity

Reform Bill Of 1832


Durham Report

Invention Of The Camera

Discovery Of Anaesthesia

Ten-Hours’ Day

Year of the Revolutions

Commodore Perry Opens Up Japan

Bessemer Converter

Charles Darwin’s Bombshell

“Das Kapital”

Unification of Germany

Voice in the Wire

Invention Of The Internal Combustion Engine

Match Girls’ Strike

Discovery of X-Rays

Marconi Sends The First Wireless Message

Discovery Of Radium

Freud And The Unconscious Mind

Man’s First Powered Flights

Japan Defeats Russia

Assassination Of The Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Battle Of The Marne

October Revolution

Treaty Of Versailles

Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

Baird Transmits A Picture Of An Office-Boy’s Face

Rutherford’s Discovery


Statute Of Westminster

New Deal

Hitler Enters The Rhineland

Battle Of Britain

Attack On Pearl Harbour

Battle Of Stalingrad


Emergence Of Chinese Communism

First Flights Into Space

New Agrarian Revolution

De Gaulle Returns to Power