Republican Presidential Primary Debate # 2 – (Videos and Links)

by gradycarter



I should probably first say that I don’t always agree with President Obama, but I often do agree with him AND support my president (isn’t funny how that used to be the cool thing to say?…)

Anyway, Wikipedia is not always accurate, but sometimes it really has sites sources/resources, you just have to track them back and see where they get they’re information from. So, if you would really like to learn more about the Republican primary you should click the link above.
Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2012 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Also, if you would like to learn more about the polling numbers of the Republican candidates so far here is a great link:
Daily Kos: Handicapping the second Republican presidential debate.

Ok, I’ve got opinions about this debate but I am going to keep them very brief. As an Economics major in college I was often told about the beauty of the free market by some, and told that the term “Free Market” is fictitious and there is no such thing as a market with no rules, other than a Black Market. When I heard candidates talking about repealing ObamaCare I wasn’t suprised, but when I heard somebody start talking about getting rid of the Sarbanes Oxley Act that was put into place after the Enron scandal (and nobody on the stage said anything about that being a bad idea) I immediately cringed… I don’t Know what is best for this country in terms of policy, but I try to keep up with it, and I can tell you that some regulation seems incredibly necessary, and when somebody tries to tell me that the corporations in the country are over taxed (35%) and I know that they don’t actually pay that tax rate (GE paid 0% last year, and got a big tax rebate…) I know that they are willing to lie to me.

Probably the most repeated line in this debate seemed to be about how the current administration has simply killed job growth, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics would seem to disagree… I’m not saying everything is ok, but when people say things like that they need to be right in saying so – and they need to back up their claims.

So, I’ll stop talking, but I am very skeptical of Republican leadership these days when I hear them say things that I research and find to be quite misleading. I do believe that happens in both parties, but I simply believe that the misnomers by the Republican leadership will end up being the more expensive ones in the end. If you are confused by that I would love to explain that to you further in conversation, feel free to comment or email me, or whatever you’d like.

Oh, and one last thing, Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign announcement in my opinion was very untimely, and it was basically a publicity stunt in my opinion… I enjoy a good debate, even if I disagree with the parties involved, and that did not help make that debate better in any way…

(at the end of video 4 and beginning of video 5 there is a weather alert, don’t worry it goes away…)

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