A New Idea To Save America From Itself!!! (Very Interesting)

by gradycarter

(This is a joke, but also true. It is patriotic to pay taxes.)

Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

(if you don’t care what I think that’s fine, but you should watch the video below)

We are in a pickle… Our country doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills, and our loan sharks at some point are going to have to turn out the lights, no matter how nice our car/clothes are… Our national deficit is really astounding, and we need to both cut spending as well as raise taxes (my opinion of course, but I do feel strongly about this). The questions at hand are where do we cut spending, and who is going to pay more in taxes?

One thing that I think we need to all recognize is that taxation truly is patriotic. And obviously it is an incredibly rare occassion to be certain that if you went looking you would be able to find a person of any race, creed, or social class who thought that citizens in the United States (or anywhere) should pay all or even most of their money to the government in taxes.

With this being said, there is not a simple number or rate that is the absolute right answer. I take that back, for people who believe in absolute truth that is a debatable statement – however, even if there is absolute truth (and I think there is personally) we as people simply don’t have the capability to know it… We just can’t know what the right rate of taxation is.

Even though I thought that claims about Obama being a socialist for wanting to raise taxes 3% on the wealthiest 1% of the population (who used to have a tax rate that was literally almost 3 times higher than it is now) that is not the point of this video. I have opinions about things that have been said or done, but I honestly think that in this time where our “efforts” to conquer our national debt seem to simply be an act of charades to stay in office we need to do something drastic…

The idea proposed in this video is completely different from what we have now and it would simplify a lot of things. One of the biggest questions would ultimately be, who will end up paying taxes?… Even though the wealthiest have the highest marginal rate right now from my understanding they only pay 16% of their income to taxes (instead of the actual rate of 36%).

Also, if you would like to hear a fascinating talk about Christianity and wealth click this link below after you watch this video:

Just watch this video and see what you think. (Please feel free to comment or write me)

(After about 10:40 it’s all commercials, so you can stop watching at that point.)