New Audio Sharing Website (Sound Cloud) = Me Singing Rapper’s Delight

by gradycarter

“Rapper’s Delight” by Gary Carver

I learned this song and sang it for the talent show at my elementary school, and in all honesty this was probably the most popular I ever was in my life. People thought that it was very funny. The main reason was because I dressed up like an old lady when and sang it like that one old lady on the Movie “The Wedding Singer”.

The reason that I even did this in the first place was because I just wanted to see if it worked on my blog, and it does, so bonus for anyone that loves hearing a white guy sing a 25 year old rap song.

I think that this is really a cool new sight, and I actually am planning on maybe interviewing some people about politics at some point and posting those on my blog, so if that doesn’t sound like the most boring thing in the world to you then I appreciate you, and be looking for that.

Enjoy 🙂