O’Reilly vs. Stewart Showdown (The Uncut Interview About Common)

by gradycarter

‘Boo-Yah’: O’Reilly vs. Stewart Showdown Over Rapper Involves Accusations of ‘Pettifogging’ | The Blaze.

If you get a chance you should first watch the first 2 videos and then the third Uncut interview you should.

So this interview happened a little while ago now (it’s not brand new) but I’ve been busy and have just gotten around to listening to it a few times so that I could really soak it in and take a few of notes. The first thing that I might note is that the second part of the interview is probably better than the first, in my opinion. I think that it is a bit more telling of how they actually feel since the conversation has been going for a little while at that point.

Having said that I really think that this interview is a good example of the problem with having “Opinion Guys” on news networks. The only network that makes a large distinction between the journalists and the “Opinion Guys” is Fox News, and it’s opinion people (O’Reilly, Hannity, and Beck). These people do not claim to be journalists, and actually try to make sure that people don’t

And here is a link to Jon Stewart explaining the lies that Fox News seems to be in the business of manufacturing and selling to it’s customers:
(sorry I was having trouble adding this link so just copy and paste if you want to see it, it’s worth your time.)

First Video:
1. Probably the most important part of this interview as far as Common is concerned is making the distinction between “someone who celebrates Cop-Killers” and someone who has heard stories of people who he has understood to have been wrongfully accused of murdering a Police Officer.
2. Live rounds in her purse – what happened to the conservative view of the second amendment?
3. At 4:00 of the first video Stewart begins to go into something that is very important in the structure of this argument. He begins to make a point that Fox is very selective of the people who they choose to put under their “journalistic” microscope.

Second Video:
1. I really liked that Jon Stewart asked him to be consistent with his outrage.
2. O’Reilly kept trying to say that Common sympathizes with cop killers (which is a misrepresentation because apparently Common is under the impression that these people are innocent, and that is part of the reason that he considers them so inspirational).
3. Jon Stewart asked O’Reilly to help him in promoting a reinstitution of The Ban on Assault Weapons, which O’Reilly apparently agrees with, and it would be a wonderful thing for him to stand up for considering the audience that will here him.

Now if you got the chance to watch both of the interviews and you are still interested you should go back and watch the unedited/uncut version that was put online. It is funny do me to look at some of the things that they chose to leave out. I think that this is the most telling video of all once you watch the other 2 and take notice of some of the seemingly obvious omissions.

Part 1

Part 2

Sorry I originally posted the wrong uncut interview. But Here it is now:
Unedited/Uncut Interview

Please let me know what you think about the interview, I love feedback about my comments, but I honestly am just curious to know what you think about the interview.