Do yourself A Favor, Go Redbox This Movie!! (Trailer)

by gradycarter

Inside Job – 2011 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary

2 days ago Inside Job hit Redbox, and FYI ladies it’s narrated by Matt Damon. This means that for $1 you can educate yourself on the 2008 financial collapse, which I think is a wonderful film in terms of generating Populist action. I think that if we want to claim a democratic system then we have to know things like this.

This documentary won the Academy Award this year for Best Documentary against some very deserving competition for a good reason – it brings to light very important and confusing information in a way that is very easy to understand…

I believe that it should be on Netflix by now too, but it is definitely at Redbox.

Here is the trailer:

And don’t forget to check it’s only 1 dollar at Redbox…. Go rent it!! And let me know what you think.