Ben Rector Concert in Little Rock (3 videos)

by gradycarter

So I have been working 7 days a week since I got to Little Rock, with a couple of little breaks here and there, but I haven’t had a lot of time for play. When I heard that Ben Rector was going to be coming to Little Rock sometime in February I told myself that I would have to make time to go see him with whichever friends would be willing to go with me. As it turns out I got to go with a few great friends, and I really, really enjoyed the music. I only remembered to video 2 songs, but they were all amazing. I think that my favorite Ben Rector song for “Live” purposes is most definitely “When I Get There” (One More Lovely Day) it is great on the album, but it is amazing live. Below are the 2 videos that I personally took, and a different life performance of “When I Get There” on Youtube.

*Warning: on the first video a guy walks by at one point and starts cursing a lot, and just trying to make what was quite obviously a pretty Christian/Well Behaved crowd uncomfortable. I just wanted to make sure that I shared that before someone got a big surprise that offended them greatly.

Oh, and I don’t know the actual names of these first 2 songs… Sorry if they’re wrong.

Southern Sirens Call


When I Get There (I love this one)