Sometimes You Have to See Things to Believe Them… Here’s a Look at The North Korean Army.

by gradycarter

Sometimes until you see something in person it is very hard to care about it’s reality or relavence because it is hard to actually imagine some things being real. Before I went to Disney World as a kid I really had trouble imagining it’s reality. I think that in the same way that religion and the principle of there being a creator of all things that we cannot fully understand, yet, is just Way beyond my mind. So in times like this when my mind can’t measure something sometimes it will just give up… Well since that is the case for me I would guess it might be for others sometimes.

If that is the case for you then you should watch this video of the North Korean Army march in the streets (as well as the Documentary Kimjongilia, I posted the trailer below). It helps to remind that the people living there are just as much of a person as I am, just as emotional and logical (disregarding their perverse nurture). It is hard to realize that these places and people are Very Very real… It’s like when I landed in China in December 2007 and I really struggled to grasp the reality of where I was… I mean, China?!!! We used to joke as kids about digging a hole in the ground all the way to China…. Now that I know that China is real I try to give myself reminders that it as well as many other very differing environments exist on this Earth, and each with loving caring people. I think that you’ll enjoy this video. And if you want to see it in HD (recommended) click on Vimeo and it will happen. Ok, that’s it for now.

And here’s the Kimjongilia Trailer ( you can rent this or watch it on Netflix).

Remember, just because something seems very opposite doesn’t make it so, seek comparisons, and you might be surprised.