The Ghost Inside

by gradycarter

In High School I listened to The Shins a lot. They kind of disappeared from my life for a little while, but they found their way back when I found out that they were back with a new name basically The Broken Bells. Lately I listen to the Shins and the Broken Bells quite a bit. I absolutely love this song, not 100% sure why, but I liked the Shins and when they reformed themselves and made The Broken Bells I thought I’d give it a shot and this was my favorite on their last album.

This music video is pretty weird, but I think that it has some amazing symbolisms about our society: beaurocracy, greed, dreams, falling/restoration.

Definitely watch this video if you are interested in modern art/music or pop culture. And if you really want to get the full experience click on Vimeo and watch it on their website in HD, it is was better.

Here is their Website if you’re interested:
Broken Bells