Glass Both Halves Full

by gradycarter

Isn’t this so true?…. I mean, looking at the world as black or white can really cause a person to miss the full flavor of tasting that wonderful meal that is life…

This picture might seem sarcastic, but I dare you to loose the cynicism, and look at it to realize that the glass truly is half full. I am not someone who particularly believes in reincarnation, but in a possible respectful comparison to what I do believe I think that all things are connected, and that as things come they also go. So, as we see the glass half empty of water we also see a glass half full of air. Though we need water for hydration we also need air to breath.

I know that excitement about simple things like this don’t often translate well to others. As one person might have a lot of clarity or excitement about something they must realize that they have been blessed in a rare moment, clarity (from my experience) seems like a rare occurrence in this world, so enjoy it while you can. I think that people should count their blessings, and love one another, so as they love others love will find it’s way back to them (i.e. patience is a virtue).

What changes have happened in your life lately? Do you think that maybe you’ve overlooked the upside to your personal situation? I know that I have. That’s what I mean about moments of clarity, that’s what I had when I saw that picture, I thought about having recently moved across the country twice, and having to make new friends twice, but in the end I am so happy to be afforded the situation that I have been.