YouTranscript: TIME Interviews Dr. Randy Pausch and The Last Lecture (The Man Who Chose to Live While Dying)

by gradycarter

YouTranscript, and Dr. Randy Pausch Interview

Randy was a very interesting man who died of cancer, and while he was dying he decided to go around and speak to people to show them that he still had life left, challenging them to get the most out of their lives that we all surely take advantage of.

Well here is an interview with him on this cool website, and I am planning to watch other videos on here too.

YouTranscript: TIME Interviews Dr. Randy Pausch.


If you haven’t already seen The Last Lecture that he gave (which he then did a book about right before his death) you should watch/read/listen to those. Here is a video of his Last Lecture.

Here’s a great post lecture video

Ok, back to my own personal day.