Alice and Wonderland (1903) and Jukesy

by gradycarter

Entertain Me

Today I had a long work day, as it was my second day in the new store that I will be managing in Little Rock, Arkansas (called Orange Leaf, and we will be selling love, and maybe some Frozen Yogurt), and after this long day I found two things that entertained me greatly.

1. The first thing was the original Alice in Wonderland from 1903, based off of the book of course. It is a silent film, and I put in on YouTube.

2. The second thing was something called Jukesy, which seems to be like a more user managed version of Pandora Radio run through YouTube. You just pick exactly what you want to play/queue and it will be done.

Ok, so it’s bed time, but here are both of those things posted below.

And if you’re interested in Jukesy just click here: JUKESY.COM

Thanks for reading.