Little Rock, Here I Come!!! (And Rockapella)

by gradycarter

Friday, December 17, 2010

On The Road Again

In May I moved back to my parent’s house in Norman from school in Stillwater. In October I moved to Harrisburg, PA (but spent a lot of time in Washington D.C.), and now in December I’m moving to Little Rock, Arkansas to manage an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt shop. I’m really excited about running a small business. I’ve always been numbers oriented, and I think that keeping track of purchasing as well as doing the financials for the store will be just like a more intense sudoko puzzle, that I’ll get paid to do!! Hahaha, I say that jokingly, but that is kind of the attitude that I’m going to try to take, it would help me do better in school when I had that attitude.

I’ve truly enjoyed my time in Pennsylvania with my sister Carrick. She is such a wonderful friends, and a great older sibling. I’m really going to miss curling up and watching one of our shows over some dinner that we made (which was a big thing for me).

This past night was my last night and Carrick and I went to see the group “Rockapella”, and if you haven’t heard of them you should just look them up on YouTube. They basically remake Pop songs in accapella, and I have loved them for about 5 years, so it was great to meet them.

Here’s me with the main singer and organizer for the group Scott Leonard.

Oh, and also on the walk to the theater we saw this sign, and thought that it was cool:

I am packing right now, and need to get some rest, so I will update along the way.

Here is a video that I made by taping my camera to the front of the bus as the No Labels team was pulling in to New York. Enjoy: