One Incredible Day….

by gradycarter

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Only In New York

So the day that I was originally planning on leaving NYC I decided to just walk around by myself in New York City. It started out with me going to Central Park and taking a bunch of fun pictures (it was beautiful). After that I decided to go Time Square, where I stumbled across a free concert being put on by Rihanna (who I’m not really a big fun of, but regardless it was very cool). And during that my dear friend Matt informed me that the Harry Potter world premiere for their last movie was happening about a mile away, so I found my way over there and took some pictures and videos. And maybe my favorite thing about the day was ending it at the oldest pub in New York “McSorley’s” where I met up with my great friend Hayley Nichols. When it was all said and done I couldn’t believe that it had just been one day, but here is the little bit that I did manage to document.

1. Central Park
So there are a few things that I have to say about Central Park: it’s Huge, and it’s incredibly beautiful…

I went there by myself, and I just laid down in the grass and enjoyed a few minutes of the day by myself. Here are the pictures for that:Central Park

2. Rihanna’s Surprise Performance
I’m not really a Rihanna fan, but I did think that it was pretty cool to just run into a random concert of her’s, for free, on the street, hahaha. Here’s what that looked like:

3. Harry Potter World Premiere
This was very funny, and I had some really mixed up emotions for being there for this. Harry Potter holds a special place in my life because it was the first book series that I read without being required, and I really loved it. It will always be special for that reason. Now, with that being said, this place was almost entirely 10-14 year old girls, and I looked a little ridiculous. I was ok with this for the first while, but I had to go eventually. Well, anyways, while I was there these were the videos and pictures that I did get:

Emma Watson (Hermione)

Rupert (Ron)

The Facebook Album

4. McSorley’s with Hayley!

this might seem funny, but this was probably the highlight of my day. I enjoyed the rest of it, but I loved seeing McSorley’s, and I really loved seeing Hayley. As I mentioned before this the oldest pub in New York, and it has some incredible history… Here are the pictures:
McSorley’s: The Oldest Pub In New York
We met some very cool people, including this guy who works for Google, and I believe his name is John…

and the Story of The Wishbones, which was one of the wildest history lessons I’ve ever had… Here is the basic story:

The Story of the Wishbones” (please read this part…)
“When a group of soldiers left for World War 1 they had a big dinner at McSorely’s and they all put a wishbone on this light, and the one’s who survived and made it home took their bone down. So they have remained untouched for all of these years (why they’re so dusty) because the soldiers didn’t get to come back to take them down themselves… Seeing that was truly amazing.”

New York was completely amazing, and lived up to all of the hype. The one thing that I did think was different from how it had seemed to be portraid was that the people were extremely kind to me. Maybe I just met all of the nice one’s, or maybe they are generally mischaracterized. I loved the places, I loved the people, and I love knowing thinking about going back!!