Learning How to Teach Ourselves: Great Video!!!

by gradycarter

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can We Learn How To Teach Ourselves How to Learn More Efficiently?…

That might seem like a weird question, but I think that it is so incredibly important. I decided to write this because I saw this video that my friend (John Hendrick) posted online:

I think that this video is absolutely amazing… Growing up I took medicine for ADD, and still through college took it off and on. My grades would go up and down, along with my confidence, and my sense of capability and personal value. I would always tell my friends and family that I didn’t plan to take the medicine for the rest of my life, and that I was planning to just take it through the end of college… So far that’s been the case. Now that I have more freedom to choose my environment I have little to no desire to take that medicine again. I remember at times being put on medicines that did things like cuss out my teacher in high school, who was in the wrong, but that was just not my character and hated what was happening… I felt like I was being pushed through something, through which I didn’t fit. I felt like the blob shaped object and didn’t fit through the square hole.

Now that I’m not taking medicines I still have my ups and downs in regards to feelings about my overall capability, but I will say that I would much rather be in a learning environment with this frame of mind than the medicated one… I was told that they weren’t really sure whether or not I had ADD, but I was still prescribed the medicine for nearly 13 years… That’s a long time, and it felt like it. I have learned that I am a very auditory learner, and with that I need to hear myself say things as I’m learning it to digest the information. If you know a child who struggle to pay attention, just as an experiment try talking to them about the information that they need to learn instead of instructing them, but make sure that they don’t feel mocked, or like it’s obvious that they have trouble paying attention (it can be really frustrating).

With all of that being said I decided to post one of my favorite papers that I wrote in college, from one of my favorite classes, taught by one of my favorite people in the world (Jim Halligan). The class was called “The History of American Higher Education” but it was almost entirely about different style of higher education from different cultures, in different time periods. He complimented me on this paper, and that meant a whole lot to me. I hope that you enjoy it, if you read it that is :-).

I know that this post was mostly about my experience, and it doesn’t reflect the entirety of the video above, but I just felt like sharing a little piece of my story and what it looks like in regards to that amazing video. Thanks for reading my post.

Oh, and here’s that paper that I was talking about:
Learning is Loving

If that doesn’t work try this one:
Another link to Learning is Loving