Bill Maher Interview Bill O’Reilly (Best One I’ve Seen Yet) – VIDEO

by gradycarter

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So I really do enjoy a good debate, and by that I mean one that is respectful and reasonable. I don’t know why this is, but it is honestly a religious experience for me as there is just the struggle between truth and deception, light and dark, maybe even good and evil (but I’m very careful with that last one because I really don’t think that I’m qualified to make that call most of the time).

There are many figures who are considered highly provocative/controversial in the world of politics and entertainment, but maybe none more so (in regards to political commentary) than “The Bill’s”. Bill Maher (libertarian) and Bill O’Reilly (republican) would likely be able to find many areas of government and life in general that they do agree on, but they also have many things that they disagree about (at least publicly). Some might say that their debates are just for ratings, but I get the sense that even if that is true I think that it could only be partially true. I am fascinated most of the time how they cause one another to act and differently than they would have if they were interviewing somebody else. They both seem to be a bit more guarded, but due to the nature and support behind each person there seems to be a lot of tension built up even for smaller questions.

I thought this most recent interview with both of them on Real Time with Bill Maher was maybe my favorite one yet. I liked how they formed reasonable answers to often reasonable questions. Of course it wasn’t the most reasonable conversation possible, but it was pretty great in comparison so many past interviews. I would love to hear what other people think about this interview, so let me know what you think:

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OK, now I’m going to share my opinion about these guys a little bit… I think that they both hold strong opinions, but after watching several interviews I have MUCH more respect for Maher. Regardless of the fact that I am a struggling Christian, and faith is his number one target a lot of the time, I think that Maher is honest… I don’t feel justified to stop listening when I think that he is being very honest about how he feels, and presenting the best information that he seems to have at the time.

I think that O’Reilly is rude, and that it is probably a show for the sake of ratings/money. I can’t actually know, but this is my guess. I just really enjoy a good debate, but when someone is incredibly degrading/disrespectful it is not simply just a failed attempt at a discussion, but there is now probably some unhealthy confusion that has been created for somebody, and in his case that usually ends up being the American people. I think that he is probably right about many things, but him being a bully to people is just unacceptable to me…

I’m sure that this is going to make a few people made (they both are very well liked, and very much hated by different people), I just find it very valuable to hear what is out there, and these guys definitely are interesting. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts below.