The Myth of Charter Schools, and “Waiting for Superman” the story of our future.

by gradycarter

I got this link from my mom the other day and I just wanted to share it. I am really excited to see this movie but I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. I think we all get tired of hearing people talk about about making schools better and rarely seeing changes, but I do think that there are things that can and should be done. This article talks about the new movie “Waiting for Superman” and is rather critical. I’m still excited for the movie, but I do think it’s about time we start hearing some actual facts about education, and some possible solutions so that we can at least try to figure out what our plan is. Here is the article and the movie trailer.

The article is called “The Myth of Charter Schools” by Diane Ravitch | The New York Review of Books.

The Myth of Charter Schools by Diane Ravitch | The New York Review of Books.

If you’ve seen the movie please let me know what you think and whether or not it is as informative as advertised.