This Weekend is Going to be SANE!!!!!

by gradycarter

Friday, October 29, 2010

Before I get started I need to say that I need help coming up with ideas for a sign or multiple signs to make at The Rally to Restore Sanity that is taking place tomorrow. If you have any ideas please, please let me know, I’m very open to funny ideas, and I’d love to be on the news 😉

Here’s a link to some Hilarious ideas already:
Sane Posters

So today I’m leaving with my sister to go to Washington D.C. We’re going for two reasons. On Saturday I am going to be going to the national mall (not the mall of America) and I’m going to be attending The Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear (the second part is obviously a joke) being put on my Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And on Sunday I’m going to watch some of our family friends run in a marathon, and I’ve never seen one so I’m really excited about that too.

For Saturday I just can’t wait to see what this thing is actually going to be all about. In case you’re wondering yes I do realize that most of the people will be liberal, and that it’s not entirely unbiased, and I’m very ok with that. I don’t consider myself to be liberal or conservative, but maybe I am one or the other. I will say that which ever one you think I am there is a good chance that you’re the opposite, just think about it… Am I right? Maybe not, but maybe so. The fact is they are talking about having reasonable conversation and debate, so that’s where I want to be.

We have to start with respect

I will post pictures and videos hopefully when it’s all said and done. I think this might be one of the more memorable days of this season of my life for sure.

And as for the Marathon on Sunday… Well, I’m just glad that I’m not running in it. Maybe someday, but not this Halloween. Oh yeah!!! I just remembered that I need to figure out what I’m going to be for halloween…. So any suggestions on what I should be for Halloween would also be greatly appreciated.

Ok, time to pack and get ready.

One Love,

Ain't that the Truth....