Why Democracy Films – “Please Vote For Me” video (about China)

by gradycarter

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ok, so I realize that I’ve already posted about Chinese freedom of speech, and Chinese Democracy, but I had to do it again.

Link to my previous post:
Chinese Party Elders Support Freedom of Speech!

Alright, now this new post is about a documentary showing kids in China having elections at school, and I’m watching it right now, I’m not even finished, and I decided that I had to embed this video…

While I was teaching English in China we had elections in my 8 classes, and because it was a new concept every single one was different. Some were very patriotic, and some consisted of people claiming to be libertarians and saying that you should be able to do whatever you want (I was a little scared I was going to get in trouble for that one).

If you want to see what China is like this might help you a little bit. But before you watch it please realize that this is a different culture, and some things might catch you off guard, but try to keep an open mind that you’re seeing culture over their humanity. I think that this movie can give people perspective about cultural differences, as well as how human flaws (that we all have) can make or break any system. It is called “Vote For Me”. So far I love it, and I think that you will too.

Thank you Erin for recommending this movie to me.
If you’d like to go to the actual webpage you can click here:
“Vote For Me”

I love Vimeo, but that version won’t work on some devices, so here is the YouTube version as well.

Please feel free to give me any feedback you like, or ask me any questions that you might have.