No Labels – A Nonpartisan Movement to Change America

by gradycarter

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Labels is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, so please read on.

Do you care about what happens in our government, but you are tired of both sides acting seemingly so partisan?… Well, there’s a movement for that. No Labels is a movement aimed to fight against straight party voting on candidates, but more importantly on each and every issue that the American people can come up with to talk about and take action towards.

If you are interested in getting involved here are a few links. What’s it going to hurt to try to be a part of saving the American system of Democracy?… Go ahead, just click on them and see what we’re talking about.



No Labels Website

The reason that I’ve decided to get involved is that this movement is not intended to push people in a certain direction. To really sum it up it is an organization aiming to create a greater level of efficiency in the exchange of information about what well agree and disagree with one another about. We all tend to think that our disagreements are so black and white, and that we are all on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Well, if anything that is due to a lack of communication, and people will be very surprised when that find out that the conversation has simply been polluted, and that we can agree on much more than we think.

This chart was built by the founder of the Libertarian Party to better explain the political spectrum in the United States than just Republican vs. Democrat, or Conservative vs. Liberal, those words don’t mean (now) the things that they were originally associated with. And even though this chart was made by a Libertarian it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give us a chance to gain some perspective on how we might be relating to one another as long as we have these labels attached to our efforts and dreams.

This chart is not perfect, and thus we must use it more as an educational tool so that we can actually start talking about more complex aspects of our lives.

I remember growing up and hearing my father talk about voting for people he really didn’t agree with very much, but they were the one’s that he agreed with the most at that time. Well, that is a very inefficient system if that vote is supposed to indicate his support of those elected officials entire viewpoints…

I can’t stress this enough, from what I have come to know about No Labels it is not intended to change anyone’s opinions, but to better voice them (but who knows maybe some people will change their minds along the way, it’s ok to change your mind if you think it’s the right thing to do).

These pictures below show one way that the information gets so confused. We are told that we are so incredibly divided, so we believe them… It’s such a shame that we do, because we would be shocked to know the truth…

Here’s what we’re told…

But it should look much more like this…

If you’re still reading this I encourage you to watch this video, and then go back and click on the links above. This movement might not solve all of our nations problems, but we have to start somewhere. “Baby Steps”

Grady Carter

please feel free to respond and let me know what you think, and if you are at all interested just check it out, it’s no big commitment, just see what people are doing to try to make our country the best that it can be for it’s people.

P.P.S. I wrote a paper about my ideas on how to better create a system of democracy in The United States of America for today, and it might be a complete shot in the dark, but I think that it is probably worth your time to read it if you have some free time. It is 28 pages, and I know that seems long, but if you read it I promise that you’ll at least find it interesting. I wrote it as a final project for my last Econ class to finish out my major in college, and I was in a big hurry, so I’m sorry for the gramatical mistakes, and there are a few, but I think you will get the picture 🙂

Grady’s Ideas about American Democracy and Corporate Citizenship

Ok, that’s really the end.

Still out of Love,