Is Oklahoma a part of “The South”? Poll:

by gradycarter

Monday, October 18, 2010

So for the past couple of years I have found myself in the middle of a debate on more than one occasion, and I’ve decided to bring the question before my friends and family, and whoever else reads what I write on here. The question is what Geographic region does Oklahoma belong to, or rather – should Oklahoma be considered a part of the The South?

I would say that in general that if you were to ask somebody who was from Oklahoma if they were from The South that they would say yes. However, there seems to be a lot of disagreement here. If you ask someone from Georgia/Alabama/and other states in that region if Oklahoma was “allowed” to consider themselves to be a part of The South they would say absolutely not. People from that region generally have told me that we are a part of the “Midwest”. Well wait a second, let’s ask somebody from Ohio if that is true. They will probably just say that is silly, and that Oklahoma is a part of the Southwest. And of course they’ll be met by someone from Arizona or New Mexico who says that’s just not true… And somewhere along the line someone will probably say what many Oklahomans dread to hear… That dreadful phrase is that Oklahoma is a part of “The Plains”…

Maybe they’re right, but I would say that Most Oklahomans feel like they are being shown a little disrespect with that statement. As I said before, many Oklahomans identify more so as a part of the South. Now, maybe it is important that they aren’t a part of the “Old South” but still the South nonetheless. I would just like to know what others think. Where is Oklahoma?!!