I’m Now a Native Harrisburger!!!

by gradycarter

Updated: October 20

So I realized that I needed to share a couple of videos that I took on my way to Harrisburg, PA from Oklahoma.

The first one is of about the first hour of my drive starting exactly at downtown and just driving East on I-40 until this song ran out. The video was a time lapse, which means that I was holding my camera while I was driving and it took a picture every 1 second and it tied them together to make a video. I just thought it was fun.

The second video is from the Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forrest football game. Apparently at the end of every 3rd quarter they play the “Hokie Pokie”, and pretty much everyone wants to dance, but only the brave few actually do it. Oh, and It is cool because they invite some of the other teams band to participate (the people in the white). Enjoy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I’m excited to say that after driving and exploring for about 5 days I’ve finally made it to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I’ll be staying with my sister Carrick for a while. While I’m hear I am going to look for work, and travel. I’m trying to get all of that kid out of my system as much as I can before I have to conform to the norm more so.

I just thought that I would let everyone who has been calling/texting or whatever else to keep up with me that I have arrived!! I’ve very excited to spend this time with my sister, and even in the 1 day that we’ve already had together I’ve had a blast.

P.S. On part of my drive I’ve been listening to “Freakonomics” on audio, and so far I love it… As an Econ major I was a little bit worried that it would challenge me in some way and make me feel bad about my lack of real economic expertise, however I have found the book to be very, very easy to understand, and very worthwhile. I just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone who cares. I’ll probably be posting about the book soon.