Moving to/Visiting Pennsylvania

by gradycarter

Monday, October 11, 2010

Updated: I just added the video that we recorded from when my mom, Carrick and I were all setting up the apartment in early July. We thought that I would probably go there at the time, and so we set up a room for me, but now it’s actually happening. Enjoy, and feel free to give me feedback.

For the last few months I’ve had to analyze my life and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Of course people do this throughout their lives, but now that I’ve graduated from college the time has come for me to become much more proactive in becoming the grown man that I want to be. One of the biggest lessons that I learned during college was that taking a big step after college can really help a person grow. I learned that first in Dr. Halligan’s class about the history of higher education, but I also had a real life lesson when I went to China for a semester and was forced out of my comfort zone a little bit. Because I believe so much in stepping out and giving yourself a chance to fail I’m going to be making what could be considered my first of many steps towards my grown-up future. This week I will be driving my little green Ford Ranger to Pennsylvania to stay/live with my sister Carrick. I haven’t had the chance to live with her for more than a couple of days or weeks at a time since I was in 8th grade (2001).

I don’t have a grand plan yet, but I am excited to see what is out there. I have saved a little bit of money, not a lot, and I plan to travel and stay with some friends in the North East while I can. I will be applying for jobs in Oklahoma, as well as in the North East (so feel free to let me know if you hear about any good jobs ;-).

Here is a video of the apartment:

The apartment!

And here is the route I’m taking to get there:
The route, for now (it could change).

This summer I had time to do some “odd jobs”, but mostly I spent my summer working with preschoolers at Pumpkin Shell school, with my mom. Working with my mom has been an absolute blast, and I am going to miss riding to work with her, a lot. But we’ll have plenty of chances to do more fun stuff like that when I come back. For now my plan is literally to go explore as much as I can with the little money that I have, and I just thought that I should share that with my friends and family who cared to hear about it. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during my travel this week, I’ll be driving alone.

One thing that I’m very excited about is going to the rally in D.C. on October 30th being put on by Jon Stewart that he has named “The Rally to Restore Sanity”. I think that if nothing else it will be funny, and a fun cultural experience for me. Here is a link to what I’m talking about:
Rally to Restore Sanity

Being from Oklahoma, and Stewart being considered somewhat liberal I understand that many of you will think that this is Grady just being a big liberal and being ashamed of where he comes from… Not true, but if you do feel that way I’d love to talk about it. The whole point of his rally is supposed to be about being more reasonable in our discourse, and not just calling the other side evil, or crazy for thinking that something else might work better than what someone else thinks.

Ok, I didn’t mean to get political or anything, just telling about an upcoming event that I think will be super fun. If anyone wants to talk while I’m driving over the next few days I would love it so feel free to text/call me anytime. (but of course I can’t text back while I’m driving.)

Alright, it’s time for me to stop ranting and start packing up my stuff. I am planning to leave tomorrow (Tuesday, October 12) and I’ll get there either Thursday or Friday, depending on how distracted I get by things on the way. If you’re reading this I love you, and I hope to talk to you soon.