Active Political Ideology vs. Economic Cycles

by gradycarter

This might sound like a very lame conversation, but I think that it is a very important topic for anyone willing to “go there”.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking Action on Political Ideology

I have recently decided that I think that there is a great flaw in The United States of America, and the system of a constantly changing Republic… (and I saw this not intentionally taking a crack at the Republican Party, it’s really just a name anymore after all). I think that for our nation to continue to go from “democratic” to “ruled by the intelligent” is a very unhealthy life cycle.

Let’s imagine a person who on Monday acts as though every person is of equal value, and we should treat every one person with love, yet on Tuesday they arrive with a mentality that presumes that those who succeed should reap the benefits and rule… This would be a very difficult transition for anyone trying to follow what they are saying, or they might find it difficult to trust in any alliance that they had previously made… This is very representative of the subjective 4 year cycles that our nations has to endure… Having studied Economics in College (and i admittedly realize that I am not economic genius) there are many life cycles that socioeconomic groups must utilize and endure that have very little to do with 4 year cycles…. That means that many citizens of The United States are left assuming that the time period that has been provided was the perfect amount to assume that there has been sufficient results for a voting citizen… This simply can’t be true… Life isn’t that simple!!!

The very elemental conclusion that I’ve come to with this cycle in mind is that it would be most healthy for our political system if all of the electoral seats were voted open on a staggered basis, and there was a constant need for communication, and not breaks in the action that lasted for a few years at a time for some citizens… how to make this happen, I’m not sure, but considering the funding that we have, and the intelligence dedicated to this issue I believe that this idea could be a great contributor to citizens voices in what is claimed to be a “Republic” that people actually assume is a democracy.

*I also feel that I must note that it is very possible that it might give the financial powers behind the media even more power, and prevent any democratic values to shine through…